Videogame Characters That Will Kick Your Butt: Top 10 Fighting Game Characters


With the release of Super Street Fighter IV, fighting fans everywhere are extremely pumped at the moment. Playing hours and hours of Street Fighter with friends, crying after losses and rubbing it in friends’ faces after wins is what it’s all about. Sadly, even playing the game non-stop won’t satisfy your fighting game cravings. Thus, we decided to let you take a break with that particular game and take a look at the “Top 10 iconic fighting game characters.”

ATTENTION: Only one fighter per franchise was chosen.


10. Dead or Alive-Kasumi

Kasumi first appeared in Dead or Alive as a runaway shinobi and ninja. She enters the Dead or Alive tournament to avenge her dead older brother. Hers is one of the better stories of Dead or Alive. As for her character, Kasumi’s peaceful nature and keen ability to kill her enemies cold has put her on the fast track to being one of the most popular characters in the Dead or Alive franchise. Fortunately, I’m sure it doesn’t hurt you guys that she is hot either.



9. Virtua Fighter-Kage

Kage-Maru is somewhat of a shadow ninja and has been part of the Virtua Fighter world for a long time. Fans simply say he is “awesome.” With his Sonic-like blue ninja get-up and his popular fighting style, fans have made him one of the most recognized fighters in any franchise.




8. Super Smash Bros.-Kirby

When we first saw Kirby, he was kicking butt and taking names in his “Dreamland.” Back all those years ago, we had no idea that one day he’d become a fearsome fighter against other Nintendo favorites in Super Smash Brothers. Kirby has a cute nature to his personality, but in reality, is a force to be reckoned with in Super Smash, and fans of the series always fear when he is on the battlefield.



7. King of Fighters-Iori Yagami

King of Fighters is full of fan favorites when it comes to the fighting world. SNK is a genius at making fighting games and characters. We see this in one character the fans absolutely can’t get enough of: Iori Yagami. First branded as an enemy to Kyo Kusanagi, he eventually becomes his main rival and antagonist in the series.  He uses an “old school” martial arts style with an offensive game plan. This alone has made Iori one of the fan favorites in the KOF franchise.



6. Tekken-Jin Kazama

Ah, Jin. You are literally the face of Tekken. Cruising through forums and Tekken websites everywhere, Jin was on many lists as the most iconic of the series, and rightfully so. Jin was introduced in Tekken 3, and hasn’t let up since. Fans love Jin’s story in the series, and it helps that he is a pretty good fighter. Jin is one of the most familiar characters, and I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with him being on the cover of every Tekken since the 3rd one.




5. Killer Instinct-Fulgore

This one was a tough one to decide. So many days of my childhood were spent busting out combos on Killer Instinct and so many good characters were available on the game. You had Orchid, Cinder, Glacius, Spinal and so many more, but none did I ever play more than Fulgore. His finishers were awesome. (Remember the machine gun head?) He is easily one of the faces of Killer Instinct and many fans would love to see him back in a new game. (Hint, hint.)



4. Soul Calibur-Nightmare

Nightmare has been part of Soul Calibur since the beginning and plays a role in almost all of the characters’ stories. Why is this? He is the main villain as he is the sole owner of the Soul Edge, which is the source of most of Soul Calibur’s stories. The evil twin of Siegfried becomes the evil, but loveable face of Soul Calibur.




3. Fatal Fury-Terry Bogard

It is hard in the video game world to be prominent in two video game franchises, but Terry Bogard has done that. He is most popular in the Fatal Fury games as he is the main character of the entire franchise. He is also been a crossover hit in the King of Fighter games as an important character. Two successful fighting game franchises and Terry is a top character in both. How could he not make this list?




2. Mortal Kombat-Scorpion

This was yet another tough one. As many of us remember putting the hurt on our opponents via the fatalities on the Mortal Kombat games, it seemed each of us had a different character that we loved to fight with and that we associate the popular fighting title with. However, after much debate and interesting squabbles, Scorpion is the man. With some of the most awe-inspiring fatalities, a cool character design and sweet moves, Scorpion paved his way as one of the most popular and iconic faces of Mortal Kombat.



1. Street Fighter-Ryu

First off, no, this wasn’t chosen because of the new release of Street Fighter. It was chosen simply because Street Fighter paved the way for every single fighting franchise with its release of Street Fighter II. After that, the fighting genre definitely went mainstream and none were more popular than this very franchise. I know this decision may cause some ruckus as Ken, Chun-Li and many others have become extremely popular characters, but the face of the franchise will always be Ryu. Everywhere I went there were huge discussions on favorite Street Fighter characters, but on almost every list Ryu was at the top or near the top. This can only mean one thing. Street Fighter would not be the same without some characters, and Ryu runs the show for the franchise.