New Study Shows There Are A Helluva Lot of Gamers

It has become obvious that the gaming industry has grown to a level that many could have never imagined. Even the spectacular gaming convention E3 is no longer that super-modest bore fest we saw several years back. Despite all signs pointing to a growing number of gamers, a new study reveals how many of us have a controller in our hand – and the results are pretty shocking.

The new study released by the NPD revealed that 91% of human beings between the age of 2 and 17 are gamers, translating into 64 million pairs of hands and eyes. Seeing how I didn’t go to a fancy college to study “math,” I’m thankful they put their findings into numbers even I can understand.

The study refers to these gamers as “kids” despite the fact that teens are lumped into this group along with 2-year-olds. But seriously; who in the flying fuckaroo is letting their 2-year-old play a videogame? I guess that would explain why my ass gets handed to me every time I play Third Strike Online

Despite this ever-increasing number of gamers, the average gamer is still square in his or her 30s. As for the average purchaser, you can thank the parents of those 2-year-olds parents in their mid-40s.

Personally, I am all for videogame culture and gaming in general, but I was shocked to see such a young demographic included within the study. I really hope they number of gamers within that group is extremely skewed to the older half. After all, who wants to be called a “newb” in a game by someone who is literally a newb in life?

Not I.