Modders bring new challengers to Smash Bros Brawl

Did the recent news of a new Super Smash Bros. title on the horizon both raise and crush your spirits this past month? Are you eagerly awaiting the smallest bit of information on this title, scouring the deep Internet for the fuzziest screenshot for a game that has yet to find a design team? Why not dust off that copy of Super Smash Bros. Brawl you waited so long for and play with some new custom characters right now – no seven-year development cycle needed.

 Proving that the abilities of hackers know no bounds, the crew over at Kitty Corp: Meow Mix (yes, that’s really what they’re calling themselves) have dedicated themselves to inserting new challengers into this time-tested fighter. These aren’t just pallet-swaps either; each of these characters has an entirely new moveset, including their very own unique Final Smash. Want to see Shadow the Hedghehog attack Captain Jack Sparrow with his patented Chaos Control? You got it, boss.


Of course, these tweaks are not exclusive to these new fighters. Standbys like Mario have been given completely different movesets, hitting the field with hammers, butt-stomps, and even a return of his spinning Down-B move from the original and Melee.

Despite all of these tweaks, there is nothing better than getting Nintendo’s finest to do the moonwalk.

So how can you turn everything that is old into that which is new again? You can download all the necessary files and find tutorials on their official site here – no modding required.