Phoenix Wright fans object to Japan-only musical, create their own


Musicals tend to run the spectrum of content (just look at “Cats”), so it should come as no surprise that videogame adaptations have been given a spot in the ol’ limelight. Not content with the all-female musical adaptation of Capcom’s Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, a group of fans from the other side of the pond have decided to take a very vocal stab at this life of a lawyer.


“Turnabout Musical: The Phoenix Wright Musical Project” is a retelling of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the first game in the series and the start of Phoenix Wright’s journey through the trials and tribulations of the world. With a great amount of work led by “Pleading Eyes” and featuring “Triforcebun” (of Brawl in the Family webcomic fame) and other fans, the four main acts of the game will be conveyed through 30 original songs. The entire staff list can be seen here.

Before you ask when the cease and desist requests will be rolling in, you should know that they have received Capcom’s blessing on this project and are speaking with the company on licensing the final product.

While it has been in development since 2007 (before Japan’s version hit the stage, in fact), there is currently a demo reel on their official site, as well as a panel scheduled for April 2011 at I-Con 30, where they will show off an animation for one of their songs.