Marvel vs Capcom 3 Hit List

It’s been over a decade since Marvel vs. Capcom 2 hit the arcades and Sega Dreamcast. Ready to hit the scene again, Capcom has assembled 38 of the greatest heroes from the Marvel and Capcom universes for the ultimate crossover: Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. With classic characters such as Ryu and Captain America fighting alongside series newcomers like Deadpool, Amaterasu and Sir Arthur, this three-on-three fighter promises to recapture, revitalize, and revolutionize what we love about these two companies.

Updated 3/27/11

  Reviews – The Fate of the Game Looks Good

  • Attack of the Fan Boy: Loved “No matter which mode you choose, Arcade, Versus, Training, Mission, or Online you are in for a visual treat”
  • 1UP: A- “The game is an absolute blast to play due to the fluidity of the gameplay, and that has a lot to do with it being so hard to put down”
  • Joystiq: “If all you’re looking for is an enjoyable time throwing your favorite characters together in battle, then the simplicity of MvC3 is perfect for that”
  • IGN: 8.5 “Marvel vs. Capcom 3 doesn’t disappoint as a fighting game, even after a decade of waiting. It’s very much the same insane concept we know and love, which isn’t a bad thing” 

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Rumors – In the Marvel vs Capcom Universe, Anything’s Possible

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