MonkeyPaw Games Inc. announces Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed for the new PSN Import Store

Japan-based MonkeyPaw Games announced today that it will be releasing the Japan-only PS1 shoot-em-up classics Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed for the new PSN Import Store when it is hits North America on September 21.

Originally released for the PlayStation 1, both games have stood the test of time. Each title has never been released for the Western market, but MonkeyPaw President and CEO John Greiner wants to resurrect some of the best games Japan has ever released. With the Import Store, people will be able to play these titles in their purest form, without any edits or translations.

GaiaSeed, a space-shooter that harkens back to the massive bosses and detailed spritework of R-Type, will appeal to fans craving a challenge.


Cho Aniki, part of a long-running series of shooters, still remains one of the most distinct Japanese titles on the market today. The game, with its homoerotic themes displayed front-and-center, is sure to shock any sheltered family with its man-on-man pogo sticks, men in Speedos, and general wackiness.

Both games will be available for download on September 21 for $5.99 each.

[Source]: MonkeyPaw Games Official Website