Florida gym helps kids get in shape with gaming workout area

Fitness is a big concern these days, especially in children.  Thus we’ve seen tons of new ad campaigns telling kids to play outside and get active. As parents we want to encourage this, so when we think of getting active and getting our kids in shape, video games aren’t immediately the first thing we think of.

Sure, Nintendo has gone a long way towards changing that perspective, but one gym in Cooper City, Florida is trying to take the idea even further for kids’ health.  Inside Club Fit they’ve created an entire workout area specifically designed for the kiddos.  The main room has pint-sized workout equipment (much like what you’d see for adults but tinier) but it’s their other room that has people talking.

Maybe this is why they don’t want to exercise….

The second room they have TVs connected to bikes, Wii game consoles, and some DDR pads.  So far the program seems to be having some success as several kids who had never shown much interest in exercising at a gym are now signing up for regular classes (which include bike training and even cardio workouts using those dance pads).  Personally I think it’s a great idea to put something like this inside of a gym.  Having a Wii Fit at home is great and can prompt kids to use it and get in better shape, but it’s just as easy to give up on it.

Taking the same concept outside of the home, encourages children to get into a routine and as they grow up will help keep them in that routine of going to the gym.  Being constantly exposed to that environment is a good thing and can help develop those good habits.  The only hard part now is convincing everyone else that this is a good idea. Hopefully other gyms will be forward thinking enough to try and include some sort of program like this.