Madden 11 fans playing as many as 7.8 games per session

The biggest draw to this year’s version of Madden is the game’s new GameFlow mode, which reduces the amount of time spent playing a game by half, according to EA. Long-time Madden fans have always wanted improvements to fix the sluggish pace of football matches. But is it working? According to a Raptr report, it’s actually encouraging players to spend more time on each Madden gaming session.

I’m not exactly keen on Madden NFL 11‘s GameFlow mode, because it makes the running of plays way too simplistic for experienced football fans like me to swallow. And while EA has indicated that previously a gamer could spend as much as 15 minutes of a 30 minute game in the menus, I sorta like that planning phase. I mentioned this in my blog post last week.


GameFlow makes games faster, but way too simple.

A recently published report and infographic from Raptr for Madden NFL 11 has shed some light on the gameplay tendencies of players with the new game. What was shocking to me was the stat that indicated the gameplay sessions for Madden 11 have increased 10.8% from Madden 10, which could indicate that players are playing more games and modes.

Via Raptr’s Blog: EA has indicated that previously Maddens would take about 30 minutes to complete a full game. This year, by streamlining the experience, a game can take as little as 15 minutes to complete. So in theory if we saw the average gameplay session length jump about 10.8% this year,it could potentially mean that a gamer could play as many as 7.8 games per session, vs 3.5 games per session last year.

If players are encouraged to check out the game’s massive list of features because the menus are easier to navigate, then I’m all for it. It’s the direction that EA should continue moving with their sports games. There are way too many people I know that don’t play the game’s franchise mode and only use the game to play online.


Raptr Madden Report: Click on image to see full-size.


There are a ton more statistics and factoids in the Raptr Report, so if you are a Madden fan, it’s worth poring over.