Sony To Reinvent Split Screen Gaming

Split screen gaming is great: you can set next to a buddy, toss back some brewskis and blow each other away. But what’s stopping you or your buddy just looking at the others screen and cheat? Nothing. Sony has the answer!

Sony hopes to change this with 3D glasses. Instead of a “left eye/right eye” view, Sony has filed a patent that gives players a “left player/right player” view. Though it will still display in 2d, you will only see whats going on on your “screen” as with the opponent seeing only his/hers. Meaning no more screen watching cheap kills!

Seems like this will require new technology in the 3D TVs. So if you’ve been waiting to buy a 3D TV you may want to hold out a little longer to see what this technology has to offer. Though do many people still play split screen with PSN and XBL?