A few reasons why 3-D gaming might not be as cool as it sounds

Predictably, more and more televisions with the ability to display 3-Dimensional video are starting to hit the market. Considering the recent surge of 3-D blockbusters, this should come as no surprise. I personally feel that for every one great 3-D movie, there are three lackluster ones. Even still, people will go see the worst movie ever, only to witness the “cool” 3-D effects. It’s crazy. 3-D just has that demanding effect on people. But regardless, these types of televisions will at some point be pumped into common households–similar to HDTV’s now. Likewise, just how HD gaming mirrored the uprise of HDTV’s, it’s a given that 3-D gaming will eventually beget, after 3-D televisions are embraced.

Sounds pretty sweet, right? Well, maybe not. The following are some silly issues that may keep 3-D gaming from being a huge success.


Motion Sickness

For those who have a weak stomach, motion sickness will be unavoidable. No, you won’t exactly be on a boat rocking back and fourth, but imagine trying to fight off the entire foot clan in TMNT, while they pounce all over the place in 3-D. From an outsider’s perspective, you’ll look like a human size bobble head as you try to follow everything that’s happening “in front of you.” 



There are plenty of people who are already jumpy about being crammed into small spaces. But, after playing Grand Turismo 3-D, where the cockpit completely surrounds you, I get the feeling a lot more gamers will be inhaling and exhaling into brown, paper bags. Imagine a small child playing a game that has a lot of walls, and indoor scenery. Chances are, the poor kid would think he’s lost, drop the controller, and flee to go find mommy. 



After you find that game that makes it hard to put the controller down, eventually when you do stop playing, you will start to see things. If Gears of War 2 was in 3-D, after 10 hours of playing I’m certain that you would mistake your gardener as a locust with a Lancer. Heck, I’d be so paranoid from playing a game like F.E.A.R 2 in 3-D, that I’d scale every wall in my house, as if I were magnetically drawn to them. 



Speaking of paranoia, it wouldn’t be surprising to see people start to hallucinate. All of the sudden, the quiet kid who loved to play Wii Sports in 3-D, is now talking to his imaginary Mii avatar named Isaac. I guess this would be the perfect time to work in the health field because I’m sure a lot of parents will be shuffling their kids off to get clinical help. But who wouldn’t send their kid to seek treatment if they witnessed little Johnny whispering to an imaginary Sam Fisher, while being crouched behind the living room couch?



With so many colors, characters, and random images flying toward your face, how could you keep the perfect vision that you once had? Remember, when your mom use to chastise you from sitting too close to the T.V.? Well, in this case, the T.V. will be moving too close to you. Gamer’s pupils will change size more frequently than a teenage girl’s bust size…sorta… whatever, you get the point!  

You never know, maybe I am wrong about 3-D gaming. Maybe it will turn out to be widely loved and respected. But if I had to choose between playing my favorite game in crystal clear, 1080i, or trippy, mind-bending 3-D, I’m siding with HD… all day, everyday. Besides, if one has a desire to trip out over visuals, why not just become a junky? O.K., I’m not really promoting drug usage… but like I said…. you get the point!