1337 My Ride: 7 Awesome video game inspired cars


The car may be the most personified inanimate object there is.  Whether it’s naming it, keeping it in immaculate condition, or mentioning how sexy she looks with her rear glistening in the sunlight, without question, cars have become parts of people’s identities. And similar to make-up, body odors, and piercings, cars too tend to be customized to match their owner’s taste. I bet even those who drive beat-up wagons with mismatched hub cabs and engines that overheat after 5 blocks have a love-hate relationship with their car. So, one can only imagine what happens when you take your favorite car and decorate her with images from your favorite video game… check it out!  


Pokemon car


I think it’s cool how the car physically resembles Pikachu. It would be even cooler if it drove around shocking other cars. It would be pretty popular for jump starts, that’s for sure. I wonder if the horn screams “Pikkkkaa” when honked?

Pacman car



That sure is a lot of red and yellow! I could see this car getting mistaken for the McDonald’s mobile. A little too flamboyant for my liking but tastefully done. I’m guessing this is the grand prize for beating Pacman on 3 different consoles. 

Sonic the Smart Car



We already know which is ‘smarter,’ but which do you think is faster, the smart car or Sonic? A hundred bucks says Tails is somewhere nearby, being a pest like he is in the game. In other words, he’s probably a Toyota Prius. Dissed! 

Gears of War mobile 


This is a pretty cool illustration but the paint job is kinda whack. It looks like someone just spilled paint on the bumper, and the rest of the hood wasn’t even finished. I guess that’s what happens when you hire a narcoleptic painter. 

Pink Mario Party Car 

This is extreme! Pepto Bismol meets Mario Brothers! I love how the car is labeled “Mario Party,” because that’s exactly what it looks like. Check out that gadgetry. Seriously, I dare someone to get car sick after traveling in this fun mobile. As a matter of fact, I’m sure this could be used to heal sick children! 

Pokemon card collection… on wheels


What an awesome way to display a card collection. It would be doubly impressive if there were some holograms in there. Then again, the driver would probably get a ticket for blinding oncoming traffic. 


Mario level 1 car

It’s not the most elaborate drawing, but you have to respect anyone who drives to work with the first level of Mario on their vehicle. Is it me or when you look at this illustration you expect it to start playing? 


Call me prejudiced, but I’m more of a one-color-car person. Even still, it’s hard to not gasp with desire at these artistic alterations. If the tooth fairy were real, I’d knock out every tooth in my mouth in an attempt to get a 2010 Camaro SS with a video game collage blanketed over it…. oh well… here’s to wishful thinking.