Interactive pissing, coming to a bathroom near you

Although I’ve never used a urinal in my life, I can only assume that it is a rather boring experience for men. Men’s restrooms are sure to be more awful than women’s; filled with a horrible stench and Saturday night sword fights. To address this issue, some companies have invented a videogame urinal that is sure to make men’s bathroom experience more enjoyable.

A few years ago, two Belgian beer buddies invented Place To Pee, an interactive urinal to make bathroom time a little less boring.  Their urinal offered both a skiiing game and a game similar to Space Invaders.  Another activity was the option to vote for your favorite political candidate by peeing on one of the two sensors located in the bowl.  Unfortunately the Belgian police did not find the urinal amusing and decided to have them banned. Looks like no one can have fun these days, especially me, because the only way women can play is with an aiming cone!  Frankly, that already sounds a bit messy. Watch a small segment on this technology here.

Urinal games can do more than provide entertainment, and in some cases have been used to discourage local bar hoppers from driving drunk.  Another bathroom game aptly named The Piss Screen allows players to control a car while using their urine to make swift manuvers (which may not be a good idea while you’re peeing).  The game ends in a violent car crash and suggests that the player call a cab if they are too “piss drunk” to drive.  Talk about persuasive advertising…I’d probably be too nervous to drive after watching a car crash, even if I wasn’t drunk.

Check out the website and play the game here.