Must have indie games, because everyone has an inner hipster

Summer is coming up and a lot of us are going to have some more free time on our hands, so why not spend it wisely?  These indie games are not only extremely creative and challenging, but also a ton of fun!


This game boasts creative gameplay as well as messy artwork that looks like it was made in MSpaint (I still love it).  The player must carry an orb of light to get around the level without falling off the face of the planet and into darkness. Through moving the light orb around the player can illuminate hidden objects, as well as bypass walls by immersing them in darkness. This game is very well thought out and is sure to get your gears turning. It’s currently being developed for Windows, Mac, and another yet-to-be-named console. Play the original version here.


Just looking at this game gives me nightmares! A poor little boy stranded in a dark and scary world full of creepy creatures and deadly traps.  The player makes their way through a silhouetted world using only sound and shadows around them to solve the puzzles.  This is one of the most promising indie game titles of the summer (Keep an eye out for it on Xbox Live this August).  In the meantime, check it the trailer and concept art here.


Ok, I know Echochrome isn’t really an indie game, but the developers haven’t necessarily made any big and amazing titles…so here it is. Closely influenced by the works of MC Escher, this game is extremely mind boggling and was most likely a pain in the ass to do the programming for. The player can navigate the level based on the perspective of the shapes it is walking on. For example, if a gap is obscured by a walkway in a certain perspective, the player will be able to cross the gap by crossing the walkway. Ok I’ll stop acting like I know what I’m talking about. Check it out here.


It’s safe to say that Braid is one of the most satisfying indie games I’ve played.  Nothing is better than being able to die, then spit in the face of death and come back with a vengeance.  Fell off a cliff? Trampled by a bad guy? Not a problem. You’ve got a magic hourglass to solve that.  Now, if only I could figure out why he’s collecting puzzle pieces (I swear the Prince of Persia has nothing on this guy–check out that outfit). Website here.

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

This game puts you in the shoes of a tiny spacecraft that travels through a planet that looks exactly like it sounds. Insanely twisted. And shadowy…or something. Either way, intense visuals have me anticipating its release on XBL arcade! Check out the trailer here.

Aside from the serious games, here are a couple of cheesy ones that are sure to make your day.

Super Meat Boy

Yes, this game is just as awesome as it sounds. Travel through hoards of saws to save your beloved band-aid girlfriend.  This game is very similar to Super Mario, but at least you actually get to rescue your girl without that annoying mushroom boy getting in your way and telling you you’re in the wrong castle. Plus, he leaves a trail of blood wherever he goes and nothing is more sav. Website here.


Woah. A bear. A car.  A bear driving a car through a forest that slightly resembles Yellowstone National Park. If you were on acid.  The graphics kinda looks like someone threw up a bunch of colorful pixels, but I’m an 80′s kid so I enjoy that sorta thing. Oh so random game, me luvs you. To watch part of the wacky gameplay click here.

Today I Die

Winner of the Nuevo Award at this years Independent Game Festival, Today I Die is one of the most original concepts I have ever seen.  The game is based around poetry and the environment changes when the words are swapped out. So, in essence you must change the words to progress in the game.  See for yourself by playing here.

Have any comments to make, or any other indie games you’d like to share?  Post it in our Indie Game thread, so that they rest of us can play too!