What happens when gamers draw blueprints?

nintendo ds nes building video games joseph ford

Every gamer feels some sort of attachment to their particular console.  We all have favorites, whether it be because of the technical aspects or because of a good design.  Photographer Joseph Ford has taken his love of consoles a little further than that.  In a gallery called “If I were President” Ford shows gamers what some of our favorite consoles would look like as massive architectural structures.

And you thought the DSi was ridiculously big, check out that DS building up top.  This is probably the most impractical of the creation.  I mean you’d be really hard pressed to find people willing to work in those top spaces.  If you’re company is worried about going green, you might want to pitch this idea at your next meeting.  The dual screens are actually solar panels.

nintendo ds nes building video games joseph ford

Now this is what I’m talking about.  The NES’s box like design is perfect for a building; more specifically it seems well suited for a prison.  It’s pretty easy to image shipping inmates off to this dark bleak facility where the guards look strangely like Wizrobes, and the hallways are mazes straight out of Metroid.  Talk about a crime deterrent!


The PS3 already kind of looked like a building so this one really isn’t that much of a stretch to imagine.  I cold totally see myself working in a building like this.  Shoot I’d probably never leave.

While we’re not likely to ever see these buildings become reality (maybe in Japan…), it’s still a fun idea to play around with.