The best MMO ever: Graphics just slow down your leveling anyway

There really aren’t enough ways for me to waste my time yet. Thank god for the people who created Massively Multiplayer Online RPGS!!!  But who has time to say that long name when you could be questing!? We just call them “MMORGPS.” Hm, still too long (could’ve mined some mythril in that time). We just call them MMOs now… or crack.  That being said, check out this hilarious video short of an all “new” MMO which can help streamline your clan raids and level grinds without all those prissy graphics!

The MMO market now is one completely saturated by tons of clones. Each new 50 games seem to be just hoping to to get a little of the table scraps from the unquestioned champ WoW and suck away the last little parts of time in your life. Posted up by SMBC Theater, a hilarious sketch comedy group, this video truly captures the MMO stereotypes and zombie-like mentality that both gamers and loved ones of those “infected” can relate to. 

With new, scarily cool looking MMOs on the horizon (I’m looking at you “Old Republic”) I have to admit, we truly are getting to the level of an epidemic. I swear, everybody has some form of MMO account! Even I’m considering getting back into them! Psh, but I weaned off that stuff the second it became “cool.” 

Oh what fond memories I have of getting picked on for my original Everquest account…