NBA Jam coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 according to EA Programmer

The revival of the NBA Jam franchise has been getting a lot of attention. Unfortunately, it’s been mostly the attention of Nintendo Wii owners as that has been the only platform that EA has announced they are currently supporting. Which is downright disappointing because we all want to go online with our XBox Live or PSN accounts for some one on one, right?

While there still is no official confirmation that the game is coming out on Xbox 360 or PS3, we have stumbled across a resume of an EA Programmer, who happens to list that she is working on NBA Jam. In addition to having the game listed for the Wii, Andrea also happens to mentions Xbox 360 and PS3. Hopefully Andrea doesn’t get in trouble for this, as her profile on Linkedin is public for the world to see. So while I won’t quite classify this rumor, I will say that EA likely will make some sort of announcement about it at their upcoming EA Sports event to be held at GDC.

So why would EA only announce it for the Nintendo Wii so far? It is likely because of the coverage deal they secured with Nintendo Power, which recently got the first exclusive cover story for the game, and also another big follow up Q&A with Mark Turmell who is leading the development of the game. Mark happens to also happens to have worked on the original NBA Jam game as well.

If you are only just hopping on the boat, the NBA Jam is being developed by EA. Sadly, Midway was the original creator of the game, and Acclaim was the original console publisher. Both publishers are now kaput.

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