Teen in Tennessee Breaks GTAIV World Record

I’m sure all our readers have fond and/or horrible memories of crazy game binges. Be it that time you beat Mass Effect in a single sitting or that 10 hour LAN, World of Warcraft night with your buddies, we’ve all been there. However, no matter how intense you think your video game sprees may have been, I can tell you that they don’t compare to others out there, like David Scherer’s new world record for GTA IV.

Officially breaking the world record for “longest time playing GTA IV,” Scherer topped the previous time of 40 hours, 21 minutes this very morning at 4:22 a.m. Adding insult to the injury on the previous record holder’s title (an Indian citizen named Chirantan Patnaik) Scherer, a 19 year old student from Tennessee, even used the bathroom fewer times during his GTA IV romp. Score one for America! 

According to Scherer, his overall goal in taking the title was as a fund raiser for the swim team he helps coach. Talk about virtual car jacking for a noble, albeit random cause. One way or another, congratulations to you Scherer, we salute your tenacity and ability to game while suffering mass sleep deprivation. I’m sure if I were in Scherer’s shoes I would have shot myself within the first 12 hours after having “Cousin Roman” force me to play darts for the 600th time.

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