Hot Cosplay of the Week: Resident Evil’s Claire Redfield

Clair Redfield

Yes folks, it’s that time again. With the re-releases of Resident Evil:Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4, we wants to pay tribute to one of the series finest: Claire Redfield.

This Pretty lady is Missha from, She has a nice variety of cosplays but today’s focus is on one Miss Claire Redfield, survivor of the brutal Raccoon City incident from Resident Evil 2, as well as the main protagonist in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Lets take a look.

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claire redfield cosplay

Clair Walking

resident evil cosplay

code veronica cosplay

hot claire redfield cosplay

hot resident evil cosplay

claire redfield cosplay

A pretty damn dead on Claire Redfield, if I do say so myself. Now we just need some pics of her and Jill Valentine nake….erm  well I digress, moving on.

man sailor moon