Highlights from our Community Blogs 4/30

TGIF from the Kartel! Holy crap it’s May tomorrow! Time has been flying the past month and we here at the Kartel have been working our booties off to make the site as awesome as possible for our faithful members. That being said, the Kartel community has been working its booty off too, and the community blogs show it! Enjoy some well earned $Karma points to spend as you wish!

Respect the Arts (TheBeaneMachine)

16-Bit Boss Themes That Will Get Your Blood Pumping (hypertails02)

To Yakuza 3 or Not to Yakuza 3 ? (DarkAgeDinosaur)

REVIEW: Splinter Cell: Conviction (poison_SHADOW)

Good Vibrations – A List of 9 Perfect Songs (Wetwillies)

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