My Ladyfriend Has Lost My Momentum

My fiancee, “T,” and I have very different schedules, and very different outlooks on gaming. I see gaming as a task, and also an investment of sorts, so I play newer games first with the intent of beating them quickly so I can buy more. I work a regular corporate job and shift, so usually I have to wait for the weekend to play. T, however, is a nurse, with a revolving schedule. So she might have all of Monday and Tuesday to play games. Which pisses me off to a degree – it’s adorable, certainly, but I find that I lose momentum when I find T halfway through a game. I have never made advances toward any of the Wii Mario games since T made her advance early. And now she’s playing Uncharted, and I have to run out of the room, lest I see secrets revealed! This happen to any of you out there?